Haiti ambassador said his country always helps to tragedies RD; Navarro calls it a liar

Photo: Andres Navarro Dominican Foreign Minister and Ambassador of Haiti to the OAS Bocchit Edmond

WASHINGTON Foreign Minister of the Dominican Republic, Andrés Navarro, described Tuesday defamatory, irresponsible and “full of lies drama” statements of the Ambassador of Haiti to the OAS, Edmond Bocchit.

Navarro said he understood all statements issued by the ambassadors who spoke to the OAS, but warned that “the Ambassador of Haiti surprised.”

He questioned Haiti complain that their citizens return home voluntarily and they ask “stop mass deportations”.

He said “What he said today is Ambassador Edmond defamation. That does not represent the government of President Martelly. How sad that irresponsibly wait for this scenario to make a drama full of lies. ”

He said the Dominican Republic has given what little they have to Haiti and stressed that “We will not take decisions that none of the countries here accept”.

“How can dare this-the Ambassador of Haiti to talk about a case of a pregnant woman is abuse in the DR? If we give free assistance to tens of thousands who are going to our country to give birth in Haiti because they can not! “Argued Navarro.

For his part, Ambassador Edmond said that whoever disrespects Haiti is Navarro and his country is the first to help when disasters Dominican Republic. He reiterated that everything you say is on behalf of his government and that he was surprised that Navarro doubt his honesty.

“Probably the government has begun the policy of deportations but the reality is that many people, after this campaign of terror, have reached the border with wounds, their positions,” he said alluding these voluntary repatriations.

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