A case for those who speak ill of the country

View 08 JUL 2015.
The young Haitian, DE. Jean, entered the intensive care ward of our hospital José Ma. Cabral y Baez, for severe head trauma, chest, abdomen and both legs during the first week of April, and remained under our care until early June 2015.

That is, this girl lasted 63 days in intensive care. Of those 63 days hospitalized in the most expensive apartment in any country in the world, N. Jean spent 47 days connected to a mechanical ventilator to ensure your respiratory wellbeing and also underwent surgery on three occasions, and as it came with an infectious process whose causal germ was resistant to common antibiotics, antimicrobials had to administer last generation, whose prices are prohibitive.

Since the average daily cost in the Dominican Republic, a living so complex reaches 50,000 pesos, due to equipment technology we use, the Dominican State the care you received N. Jean, the astronomical cost RD $ 3,150,000 (3,150,000 pesos). That is, $ 70.628. Of this amount, how much the family paid No. Haitian government? Not a gourde!

She could not attend the regularization process initiated by our government for foreign residents so irregular by your health problem and by being totally undocumented months before arriving to our country.

Due to the efforts made by our Government in meeting one of the main Millennium Development Goals now in 2015, which refers to reducing the maternal mortality rate below 100 per 100,000 live births, the Health Ministry ordered which equates to organize and separate medium intensive care room within the General Department of Intensive Care cater exclusively to pregnant and complicated maternity cases.

This room has three beds. And what do you think, dear readers, about which women with complicated pregnancies receive care there more often that Dominican? Visit us one day and see that there is almost always two illegal residents Haitian and Dominican, and often all three beds are occupied by Haitian ladies whose pregnancies and deliveries were complicated. And their care costs the state millions of pesos.

Therefore, it is to be angry or pissed to bursting hear the US government, the governments of Caricom and hundreds of drifters Dominican clowns who thrive on NGOs discredited, say Dominican Republic abused, discriminated and “denationalize” illegal Haitians or Dominicans of Haitian descent.

Until tit children perceive the great powers “love” only if Haitians living away from their territory. These “loving” prohaitianos have never seen up close the tragedy of thousands of those fleeing extreme poverty to our country, as we have seen Dominicans and our governments.

In the terrible days of the earthquake, it can be said of smug way we went hand on the degree of solidarity we show to Haiti.

So, that is a meanness from head to toe from those who claim to force the RD, that assumes the sorrows of Haiti under the false accusation of discrimination or racism. It is even a children presumption of those who assume they are Dominicans no sense of history, ignorant of the principles that interrelate psychology and culture of the people, and foreign agencies, we can, under intense campaign of international pressure based on gossip and threats, take the wastebasket our sovereignty and Plan of regularization of irregular migrants.

The extreme restraint and attitude have been generous neighbor behavior of greatness expressed by our country against the Haitian people when they say hypocritically now interested in him, deserted their moral responsibility as an international community.

A slanderers and detractors of his own country, those who “take guts to get straw” acting as servants and informants overseas power over our immigration policy, I remind you that Achilles when he had to choose between immortality and his land, he preferred their homeland.

Source: http: //www.diariolibre.com/opinion/un-caso-para-los-que-hablan-mal-del-pas-LYDL1230391

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