Postponed amparo seeks to convert coal plants to natural gas

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By Corina Rosario

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.- was postponed to January 18 knowledge of an action for environmental protection that seeks to convert the coal plant construction in Punta Catalina, to natural gas.

The knowledge brought by the Institute of Law for the Protection of the Environment was postponed to the contested parts study the trial records deposited by the body.

The only solution the government has to complete the construction of plants of Punta Catalina is converting to natural gas, they raised the National Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC), the Institute of Law for the Protection of the Environment (INSAPROMA) and other organizations that submitted an application for preventive environmental protection against these plants.

In statements offered in the morning in the Superior Administrative Court where the hearing of the appeal is known, entities ruled that private sector participation in this project, as requested last week the President of the Republic, Danilo Medina , solve the funding gap faced by the construction of these plants.

They said the government ran out of money to continue with this work, because of that concerted international loans in April and July this year have not been disbursed.

They reported that in recent weeks the consortium Odebrecht-Tecnimont-Star fired hundreds of workers who worked in the construction of these plants and several contractors work suspended for nonpayment.

They warned that the loans contracted with and Banco de Desenvolvimento (BNDES) of Brazil, with Deutsche Bank, Banco Santander in Milan, with ING Bank, Societe Generale and Unicredit SPA, for US $ 1312.9 million, It is very difficult to reach the country, as Punta Catalina dirty energy project based on coal and being overvalued by about one billion dollars.

They explained that because of this loan, the BNDES of Brazil is under suspicion in open judicial proceedings in that country for influence peddling, and on the other hand, banks and European credit agencies have received the explicit restriction inhibited in lending to finance coal plants.

They indicated that if these plants instead of using coal, will use natural gas as fuel, would cost a third of the value originally stipulated, greatly reduce environmental pollution and would have difficulty obtaining soft financing.

In the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, the Spanish company Iberdrola is building a combined-cycle natural gas and steam to 850 megawatts, at a cost of 400 million dollars.

The organizations cited this example will produce 130 megawatts of coal plants Punta Catalina costing only 20% of their total value.

They said that the invitation made by President Danilo Medina for the private sector to partner the government to continue building these coal plants and manage, is a proposal to share the disaster posed by these plants found “a dead departure”.

They stated that the private sector does not change anything that the project continues to be polluting and dirty as his base generation is coal, and therefore does not alter the lack of funding suffers because of this.

It would also be a bad deal for the private sector to join a project that besides being overvalued, has a contract with Odebretch with price escalation that could alter the final cost by more than 30% above the budgeted clarified.

They considered that the appeal lodged win even more support in the fall of international funding committed to coal plants, because in addition to major environmental damage that would produce these coal plants, has now added its financial impossibility, they said.

They suggested the government to take the necessary steps to make this project a natural gas without delay measures.

“A favorable to our appeal for protection in the sense of replacing coal with gas failure will help the authorities to adopt the only possible way to continue to complete the construction of these plants without pollution and with international financing,” he commented.

On Thursday, the Institute of Law for the Protection of the Environment (INSAPROMA), leaders and members of the National Committee to Combat Climate Change (CNLCC), the Association of Professionals and Technicians Catalina (APROTECA), the Federation of Peasants banilejos (FECABA) of the Neighborhood of Sainaguá of the Neighborhood Heriberto Lugo Catherine, the Committee for the Defense of Health, Environment and Agriculture of the Peravia Province, and Green Foundation Macoris San Pedro de Macoris deposited on Thursday, an appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court, which requested that the court order immediately stop building coal plants and Punta Catalina order also replace coal with natural gas as fuel for these plants.

They recalled that since the beginning of the project warned that it would be very difficult funding was obtained for coal plants, but now, after the conclusion of the World Climate Conference, COP 21, which called decarbonization of the economy on the planet, will be even more difficult to get financing for these plants, if kept based on coal.

“It is outrageous to see that these plants were introduced to the country as a project” turnkey “, in which the state does not invest a penny, so far have been funded with resources from the national budget and thus have become an aggravating factor in the fiscal deficit of the country, “he opined.

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