-S O S THERE trafficking of children and maternity cases HAITINAS BLIND AND THE WORLD!


Mr. President of the United States of America, USA Mr. Barack Obama. @Barack Obama
Pontiff Pope Francisco. Pontifex_es
Gentlemen directors of the Human Rights National and International. Mr. Zeid Ra’ad Al HusseinONU_derechos
Gentlemen heads of United Nations Organizations UN. Mr. Ban Ki-moonBan_Kimoon
Senore Director in the World Childhood Care. UNICEFUSAfield
The Presidents of the European Union. @European Union
Lord Haitian President Michel Martelly. MichelJMartelly
President Danilo MedinaDaniloMedina
Mr President of the CARICOM community. CARICOMorg

Mr. President, Pontiff Pope, gentlemen Directors:
On 9 January this year I published with the name
“Crime”, human trafficking, women and children begging HAITIAN WITHOUT SHELTER IN RD>

With this report, I put a finger on it, which increasingly is in very deteriorated growth, seeing an interest in all who are mentioned in the heading of this event, of wanting to correct or want to know who is doing this crime, whenever it is in an uncontrollable pussy.

Anonymous sources from RD they told me that NGOs in joint organizations with the Jesuits who are in our territories and NGOs who are in Haiti both in combination are running these human trafficking.
OPINION: What’s left of our country? (Notes from a trip to the border)

Summary: Father Regino has continued its tasks Haitians entering the promised land in the district of Sanchez, with very low profile. Replaced him in command of the Jesuit order the Father Travieso. Likewise it operates the NGO World Vision is dedicated to build you houses Haitians in the same border.
These non-governmental institutions such purposes are trying to cause them a bad image of our country, the DR.
This practice is the same damage revoking in less disadvantaged, such as childhood Haitian Haitian families by family separations, young Haitians and Haitian youth who arrive with a nice Haitian illusion of a nice future, progress and largest of this is that the Haitians themselves who make the traffic, are what make this practice still the same Haitian their blood that lead to that, in some cases they end up in a brothel or otherwise end up in elconsumo or trafficking of drugs, falling in death, the less fortunate.

Dominican thing in our families is affecting us by the differences in customs between the two countries, cases in Haiti is very common to see rape the Haitian youth and get to see very often, as it is burning human beings in public roads, killing their own brothers. When there are civilians, it is the same police who killed the people in front on a public street.

Haitian military kills kicked a Haitian citizen.

Haitians mentally ill and women in Haitian generates term including maternity cases that are bringing to our territory by human trafficker in order to have his Haitian creature on Dominican soil and then let the weather homeless jobless and with nothing to live which is the push to beg or traffickers mismolas lead to prostitution and drug trasciego either sales or consumption in the streets of the cities, the Haitian women who go to work leaving their newborn in unsafe places proposed to all hazards and diseases in the news and creatures have been cases of mad Haitian causing damage to private property as equally roaming on public streets naked sleeping on the sidewalks, This is a crime we call: HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND THE WORLD BLIND.

Then I bring a photo sequences this week where increased Haitian families, youth, children, Haitian women with children in their arms asking young Haitian girls begging and prostitution on the streets of our cities in the DR is.

(Note Anonymous) The young Haitian who do not go to school or you have nowhere to sleep and live are prostituting and sold in the brothel by the same Haitians are doing human trafficking for a few pesos in some cases are trascegada by drugs to pay in exchange for some outstanding debts and all this is happening in cities Haitian girls bring it to beg in the majority 99.9% are from all Haitian people.

To see these photos also shows us the conditions and needs that exist in Haitian children and children; It can also be interpreted language that do not have such large amounts of money to cover travel expenses with payments tolls are being collected indiscriminately, tickets and food.
In preparing this document I got these videos,


A- Two Haitian insane making love in public roads.

B-Haitien is mentally ill commit suicide and he launches into a moving car.

C- ask Haitians in the streets, selling food, steal, rape, murder people and the authorities tolerate – http://www.diariof27.com/?module=displaystory&story_id=19449&format=html#sthash.hES5bo71.dpuf 


Subsequently, the authorities announced the dismantling of a Haitian dealer network that operated from Los Alcarrizos and had 58 Haitian minors “working” at traffic lights.
In April last year, about 50 cleaners, street vendors and beggars staged a protest at the intersection of the avenues Maximo Gomez February 27, to protest the actions of AMET removing them from the streets. http://www.diariof27.com/?module=displaystory&story_id=19449&format=html#sthash.hES5bo71.dpuT

We Dominicans know more than the same world, the squalid and inhumane conditions that the same government of Mr. Michel Martelly Haiti has placed most of its citizens in a total abandonment, in the UN last week hit the cry for help for Haiti that the world does not forget to help Haiti have since past 6 years of fatal and devastating 2010 earthquake. 

UN asks the world not to forget Haiti six years after the earthquake
Revelan mafia trafica con partos de haitianas
If life in Haiti this past summer Mr. Michel Martelly government with a people dying of hunger, disease, thirst, etc. Mr. President is a party and spent US. $ 4 million dollars in one night for the dance with her thong.
Again above all you do not say anything and just want the Dominican Republic to take over all these injustices, knowing that the world after the earthquake overflowed and were very splendid with all its donations and look there were many millions or billions that he was given the Haitian people.
What do we know? We know where they were and where donations are donated to the world and are the Haitian people!

1ro. The International Red Cross have US. $ 500 million and blatantly manufactured only six houses and incomplete.
Report: Red Cross raises $ 500 million for Haiti but build 6 houses

2SG. UN raises 3,900 million to build a new Haiti

3ro. The Clinton Foundation, a powerful machinery to make money since its inception in 2001 has raised US $ 2,200 million. Republicans have been targeted donations

4to. Spain is the fourth largest donor to Haiti: 34 million euros
See more: http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/625752/0/espana/donaciones/haiti/#xtor=AD-15&xts=467263

5to. The world is committed to 3,900 million euros to Haiti

Again we ask you to please return the money that is Haiti, with this done I assure the health of the Haitian people recover in total and we rest of this human traffic shows homeland and so the children will be better protected and a better future, Thanks 

The thanks:
Trinitarian Society of Florida

Dominican Advocacy Coalition
“Dominican Coalition for Advocacy”

Children of Duarte Group International. 

Sierra Jack Lord. 

Mrs. Liz Amalfi. 

All friends / os Facebook for their cooperation. 

Report Ramfis Baez, New York.

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