BANI | Activist insists harmful plants are coal-PC

NEW YORK, NEW YORK A city-based environmentalist again denounced the danger posed to the province Peravia installing coal plants Punta Catalina, Baní, which in his view affect fauna, flora and human life dramatically.
José Ramfis Báez. Foto | Facebook.
Ramfis Jose Baez. photo | Facebook.

The ecological leader, Ramfis Jose Baez, a native of Bani made those statements to give an interview to the journalist Erasmo Chalas Tejeda, in the magazine Channel News Dominican Views where the Dominican journalist presents the interview day program.

Ramfis Baez said that currently makes representations to the United Nations and other international organizations in Europe, particularly in France, which seeks to determine the damage that will leave coal plants mounted Bani. “We’re just warning to then do not say that someone did not say,” he said Baez.

During the interview he blamed future deaths mayor Chacho Landestoy, Senator Wilton Guerrero and LDP MPs Miltiades Franjul and Licelot Arias, noting that no mention of Santo Ramirez because the latter voted against the bill in Congress.

Said neither President Danilo Medina and Peravia authorities have compassion for the people of this province to approve these coal plants knowing the damage they cause to the fauna, flora and plant life, animal and human of that demarcation . “They will be the ones responsible for this disaster to be in the future,” he finally told Television New York, Ramfis Baez.

Erasmo Chalas Tejeda

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