They are our brothers, not wannabes

No son nuestros hermanos, ni quieren serlo
Photo: The author is a lawyer. He is living in Santo Domingo.
The trunk of memories to feed and learn !!
By: TOMMY MEJÍA POUFecha: March 11, 201

The Republic of Haiti emerged in the early nineteenth century when the slaves revolted against their French masters. It grew out of a pact between slaves in a voodoo ceremony in Bois Cayman. The main objective was to kill all whites.

The violence of the Haitian Revolution was devastating, destroyed the coffee plantations and sugar cane mills and burned all. It was an absolute destruction of all the wealth that was in Haiti, which was great.

This destructive attitude of Haitians has been continued until today.

This racist war, which originally was black against white, led to the killing of mulattoes and all that were not completely black; this has been preserved until today.

Haitians they have the right to this part of the island: “The island is one and indivisible.”

Less than two months after the independence of Dominicans of Spain, Haitian armies crossed the border and extended their rule to the whole island.

I will not list the killings in cold blood, that is the way to settle differences with Haitians, man, Dominican women and children who were many, but the viciousness with which the executed: children slaughtered, women raped and burned alive, the primal instincts of Haitians were suffered by the entire population; his step Haitians were leaving Dantesque scenes, crimes against humanity, only comparable with the killings of antiquity, like those made by Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan.

That no one be in any doubt that if Haitians were superior to us in military repeat the same facts of the past.

A Haitians do not care about the harm that a situation, do not mind buying the most expensive chickens whenever it is not us; trade in general and freight transport have been hampered by vandalism committed by Haitians, the bilateral commission is deadlocked, the office retains 27 patanas full of goods, the latter by the flag burning it also they made to humble ourselves.

Haitians are demonstrating their intentions whenever their officials expressed. One example he gave it Casimir Foreign Minister when he said, feeling proud of “extraordinary mobilization of all resources of the Haitian diplomacy against enforcement of the judgment of the Constitutional Court 168-13 Dominicano”, adding that “was very pleased to drive an immense campaign to encourage regional and international community to prevent the Dominican authorities apply the law … ”

President Martelly to condemn attacks on Dominican consulates in Haiti, including burning of our flag, occurred in a march sponsored by the Haitian government itself to please his countrymen, he urged the Dominican authorities to take steps to end violence exerted against Haitians living in the country. Then, after this accusation, he condemned the attacks against Dominicans interests, is not that justify the vandalism exercised against our sovereignty?

Haitians are not and will not be our brothers, will continue to act against us in the way they can (so that they can not militarily), through governments and international organizations and their Dominican partners. Their main weapons.

The clear purpose of Haitians is gradually invade by force because they can not, to have dominion of the island.

Plans for Haitians with their faithful Dominican partners, we will continue attacking in every way they can, regardless of previous agreements, respect for ethics, or anything. Until we realize that we are dealing with a real and ruthless enemy, they will continue to advance its purposes.

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