We draw the attention of all the inhabitants of our valley Peravia, on the great looming threat coming and which significantly affect the survival of the inhabitants of this city.

This time it is more serious than the first with the installation of coal plants in tip Catalina. Because now it comes to water resources, for which it has orchestrated a diabolical plan, in which the mayor and aldermen without exception all involved, so all as the nun said. In what has this plan?

The City Council, at its meeting this week, the permit conditional no objection to a request made by a company aggregates Romana, to exploit the stones and rocks Loma del Limon and another belonging to Manaclar.

Councilman Ivan Pena and others intervened to put a tablecloth on the table, drank water, washed his hands like Pilate, when giving the order crucifixion the great master Jesus Christ, making it clear he was not guilty for the death of son God on the grounds that he was not guilty.

That is happening with the aldermen, who have requested the submission of environmental permit. And the need for an environmental impact study is conducted to determine the magnitude of the damage to the ecological system and the environment. Only these councilors unaware that leave, which exploit these mountains unmercifully, as everything they do these callous of the Dominican Liberation Party, now in collusion with a group of predators, environmentalist sicarios, who make up a mafia PRD Miguel Vargas, who they have been gradually handing properties and municipal heritage, cheerful manner signing letter of no objection.

A purpose of this document, we wonder why now require an impact study and installation of coal plants, they did? We are attentive, vigilant of the steps intended to give. This first step of asking for a permit to the environment and there is therefore now follows the granting of the famous document.

But it is important to remind the ingrates, which makes a short time ago there was a call for the formation of a human chain to prevent the extraction of sand dunes. If you now walk holding hands, the same that led to the historic receiver, by the indiscriminate sale of plots in the dunes, allow extraction of sand dunes.

Remember that great chain in which we participated a large group of munícipes in the same dunes boilers,
But I must remind aldermen, mayor, and other officials who are involved in the installation of this company that aims to collect limestone to the coal pier and the use of desfulfuradora, which is what retains sulfur clear coal.

This company engaged in the destruction of the mountains of the hunt and part of the mountains on the banks of the river and departing from Manaclar, we know the political commitment and resources $$$ for the granting of this permit exploitation, this mountains.

It’s good to remind them. But they knew or fools are made with P.).
Mountains play an essential role in the water cycle by capturing moisture from air masses; when the water falls as rain, it is often stored until it melts in spring and summer, which is essential for populations, crops and industries below, during the period of reduced rainfall.

In arid and semi-arid regions, over 90 percent of river flows come from the mountains. At the time of heavy rainfall, river flows are fed by waters pouring the mountains.

Also the mountains are high wind shields in time of an atmospheric phenomenon,
As a great example not for Cornet existence of Peravia and the big hill, when the phenomenon of the cyclone David, today would not exist as a city Bani.

As to the ungrateful suffer forget the laws that govern the Law 176-07, Title IX, Article 122 on municipal development plans and environmental management, we quote “The municipalities approved, the initiatives and the mayors and community participation, municipal development plans for the purposes of:

A) To achieve proper use and investment of municipal resources to boost their comprehensive, equitable and sustainable development.
B) provide timely and efficient attention to the basic needs of the community. Achieve a rational and comprehensive system of municipal territory.
This is the amount that you take into account that this is a great harm to the community contrary to the general assumption of this law.

Therefore featured munícipes, keep in mind that we are vigilant for any eventuality, who want to use the power that protects them, to please lackeys, who for one reason or another could not participate or left outside the repartidera the cake electoral positions.

Must be prepared, that already are forming a great movement of support, and we will form a human chain in front of the town hall to unmask all entreguistas of municipal assets, to all those who have earned huge profits, public thing, and that they intend to reelect, to continue with the road map, the revelry and splurged on unproductive works.

They may rest assured that this time will not have to face and will face in the corresponding legal plans.

For a Better Bani, Bani for prospero, pollution-free, modern Bani, Bani led by a banilejos it hurts and love his small homeland, continue to struggle feet. We ask that all unite to prevent crime and preserve this great mountains are what strengthen our Bani River.

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