Deforested in Sierra Bahoruco Coal and bring to Haiti

PEDERNALES.- After checking a large clearing in the Sierra de Bahoruco, the assistant manager of Environment and Natural Resources, destroyed twenty charcoal ovens, made by Haitians from their country to enter that area, to cut endemic trees, including pine forests .
Hermenegildo Herasme Diaz, sub forestry manager, moved to the agricultural and mountainous area of Los Arroyos, belonging to the Sierra de Bahoruco, and found the existence of indiscriminate form of trees, which are used in the production of coal, for Haitians as soon observed the presence forest fled.

He reported that in the place the hose in conjunction with forest guards, participated in the destruction of the coal furnaces and four sacks of coal, which would be marketed in Haiti. He said that in that community activity is common and deserves constant supervision.
Herasme Diaz said a hoe three machetes, two axes and two blades, which were used by Haitians for cutting trees were also seized. He presented some 50 sacks of coal which have already been seized from Haitian to take them to their country of origin, where it is sold without control.
also said that in the community of Las Mercedes, 11 kilometers from this town, a fence of barbed wire was detected, with over 500 posts of green trees and another 100 posts on land protected areas, where it several years Explorectión Alcoa company extracted bauxite.

Herasme said Diaz was also detected a cut in the estate of landowner Andrés Emilio Jimenez, where he was ordered to stop work and ten machetes were seized.

He said that in a sixth operating on the beaches of Bucanyé, a truck loaded with sand Toyota brand and three shovels, a pick and a tarp, which was used to transport the material from the beaches of this city is captured seized.

Of these cases it seized the assistant prosecutor, Bolívar D ‘Oleo Montero, in order to counter violations of the environment and natural resources.

According to other details at kilometer 25 of the highway panoramic Aceitillar, towards the Hoyo de Pelempito, he was seized a hand saw in a clandestine sawmill.


noti Campos

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