S.O.S formally ask for our forests, hydrosphere and our Fauna in R. D.

For several years the team of very good defenders of our Dominican citizens Foresta, hydrosphere and Fauna have come up the alarm, giving the cries of criminal abuse of the Dominican environment, this government comes LDP doing.

With this practice are being violated two environmental laws and labor law 80/20 while immigration law this harvest.

‘Now come the days Pinocchio Dominican environmental accusing the Haitian invaders VIP Danilo Medina said while that is granted permissions cuts and removed our hydrosphere, Pinocchio and the people are not stupid !!

Granting permissions cuts trees in large quantities indiscriminately, excavations and collections of materials in rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, beaches (hydrosphere Dominican) Dunes with heavy equipment that this practice is higher their deaths, giving them sumándoles the certain death of our fauna, as part of the tricks to bribe the mass of entrepreneurs, builders and capitalists engineers for such purposes to gain sympathy with their best interest not to have a nO on what you give him the desire to do for your . Ex absolute control benefits in the elections that the people passing the flame Major electoral THEFT; not disturb employers in violation of labor law 80/20
(80% hands of native works and 20% foreigners and is the Law)
((That this government uses the opposite 10% / 90% – 10% 90% Creoles and foreigners))

No entry expands to make the phenomenon called La Niña.
Nobody so far have accuracy and accurate forecast of where and what their results are, if you know that every year with this bad practice that several governments are running the two phenomena La Niña and El Niño the most destructive we are raising them and giving more cabalidades for their growth and continue destroying more poorer innocent victim. Ramfis Báez, New York.


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