Dominicans from the perspective of Haitians.


Understand the image they have of Dominican Haitians who have received some education, it is as simple as reading a history book written by Haitians.

The first surprise is that the period between 1524 and 1804, ie 300 years before the emergence of the Haitian state is described to minimize the existence of a people with its own idiosyncrasies in the eastern territory of the island.

From that fact, the basis and premise feel to distort realities, to justify violence and perpetuate perceptions of Dominicans beyond 211 years later.

It is a fact that black slaves in the French colony of Saint Domingue acted with singular barbarous revenge and eradicate every vestige of what the revolutionary and Napoleonic France promised and failed.

Nine years before the Haitian secession of 1804, the Santo Domingo Spanish had been ceded to the Napoleonic France in 1795.

Haitians feared the reconquest of French prompting the invasion and genocide of the Creoles of Spanish language, in 1805, to try to claim that territory.

Until that fateful date of 1805, the inhabitants of the Spanish side, who constituted 95% of the population 40 years later would Dominicans felt firsthand what it was to have a racist state as a neighbor.

Events and events subsequent to 1804 and 1844 to the present can not be assessed objectively judge and, if not differentiate between what is the people, the nation and the state.

In 2015, we have a Haitian State has failed to give the Haitian people a minimum of vital welfare to survive.

The Haitian state was the result of an act of violence that was founded on the antivalue black racism against whites and thus recorded in its initial constitution.

The French Revolution was a turning point that led the slave revolt in Haiti, but laid the foundations of a racist state that lasts until the present and affects the Dominican Republic and its people.

Minimize three centuries of history of the Dominican people since the arrival of the Spaniards until the rebellion of Haitians, it is wanting to justify an institutional racism of Haiti and the subjugation of the Spanish territory that gave rise to the Dominican Republic.

It is a fact that over 75% of the Dominican population is mestizo. This miscegenation began not 200 years ago, but already 500 years ago.

It evolved naturally without ideologies of racism, based on positive cultural values, in a welcoming and generous geographical environment.

It is a contradiction to the idiosyncrasy of the Dominican people, where races have been mixed for five centuries, that the measures for reasons of state, bring order to migration neighbor who subdued and massacred are labeled as racists.

In 2015, we have a Dominican government that makes decisions to preserve the nation within the positive values of God, Fatherland and Freedom that inspired its founders.

Foreign interference is now more subtle, since it is based on misinformation. He is accused of racist people that in fact that has best integrated the white and black races in the Americas.

history is manipulated to put intentions of foreign states as if they were decisions that the Dominican people took and why should apologize or even dissolve as a nation.

That only encourages extremism of that history and the world today have too much.

The future is formed only on positive values. The opposite is only risk repeating history.

The identity of the Dominican people do not have that element of racial discrimination that pay foreigners overseas.

It is a mistake to ignore five centuries of history of a people, to accommodate valid theories perhaps for other peoples in other latitudes.

It is a mistake to confuse the states with the people and the nation that they embody.

The future of the two peoples, the Haitian and Dominican, must be rethought in 2015, on other grounds than those who gave birth to their respective states.

The Haitian State is the antithesis of the Dominican State.

The first emerged as a racist state as an antidote to cure slavery instituted by third parties.

The second emerged to protect his people of racism introduced by the first.

Since the political, institutional and natural crises have affected the immediate viability of the Haitian State, unbeknownst to his people, this is an opportunity to reexamine its relationship with the Dominican Republic, leading to a reconciliation with the nation and the Dominican Pueblo .

It is therefore essential to redefine the identity of Haitians with future positive values. Negative values of the past have not led to a flattering present.

This is a role that must take the 4 million Haitians of the diaspora, who have education and food for those without at least 8 of the 10 million living in Haiti.

Dominicans are not only its unique island neighbor, but also hosts one to two million diaspora that we will have to redefine our antihaitianismo, so it is not confused with racism, preserving our culture.

The 21st century has redefined the boundaries of communications and first Dominicans are free to define how we want the Dominican Republic from 2044, when fulfilled 200 years of independence that fire and blood we started to Haiti.

Social networks are efficient spreading half-truths that are complete lies. But they are also useful to unmask liars and demagogues.

Let’s begin by starting a campaign that brings together around positive Haitian and Dominican diasporas values.

One of those values is the massive environmental destruction suffered by the island to follow the step that will not benefit either Dominicans or Haitians.

Another one of those values is education, where both countries have much ground to cover. To which, Haitians will also have to correct their anachronistic antidominicanismo.

If foreign powers were those that sullied the island territory of the two nations and states, Haitians must rethink the historical description of Dominican Creole to justify violence of those who founded Haiti.

That will generate respect and goodwill on the part of Dominicans to the Haitian Nation, with a view to a harmonious development of the economy of both countries, without repeating historical mistakes of the past 200 years.

In the same way that Aragon and Castile stopped being for centuries, the home of the Dominicans; in the same way, African ancestral lares of Haitians and many Dominicans should be only elements of historical reference, to build a future in the new world that is Quisqueya, Babeque, Bohio, Haiti or the Spanish, that is, the island home to us both peoples and countries.

Our peoples need to feed, heal and educate urgent and priority.

Haitians can not continue blaming the Dominicans, or the Dominican State, failures and shortcomings of their own state, based on the manipulation of historical facts.

Dominicans must maintain sanity and wisdom that truth will set us free.

If 75% of the Dominican population is a mixture of black and white and 98% of the Haitian population it is black and 2% mulattos …

What is the country that has its institutionalized racism?

Enough with historical antivalores and give way to a future that guarantees every nation the nation / state that cost him so much blood.

Do not forget that you are first save the land that protects us, foods that nourish us, preserves us health and education that makes our society progresses and endures.

Failure to do so is to continue being manipulated by those powers who have always colonized us.

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