Obama has betrayed Haiti, says Haitian-American women’s org

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Haiti Sentinel

MIAMI, Florida, US (sentinel.ht) – “The Haitian-American community and allies are outraged by today’s announcement of the completely inappropriate resumption of deportations (“removals”) to Haiti of persons with no criminal record,” announced the Haitian Women of Miami (FANM) organization in a press note released Thursday.

FANM Press Release
FANM Press Release, September 22, 2016

For FANM, the statement of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson on conditions in Haiti had “improved sufficiently to allow the US government to deport Haitians on a more regular basis,” is completely inaccurate, unsubstantiated by economic or political events, and runs counter to the cholera epidemic in Haiti.

“Rather, it is impossible for Haiti to house, feed and provide jobs for these people,” protests FANM in their statement.

The resumption of deportations will now add to the problems of Haiti and threatens to further destabilize the nation, which is in the midst of a political crisis; which is also bad for the national security of the United States.

Haiti has not fully recovered from the devastating earthquake of 2010 and it has been and remains in political turmoil. After the tragic earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010, the statement said DHS, the US Agency for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement – ICE), had temporarily stopped the deportation process Haitian citizens.

“This policy change could not come at a worse time. Haiti is still reeling from the earthquake, the cholera epidemic and political instability; nothing has changed on the ground; it is inhuman to resume deportations now detrimental to the population and the recovery of Haiti, and it is a stain on the Obama administration, “said Executive Director FANM, Marleine Bastien.

“This change in US policy is inhumane, reported as an attempt to cope with the conditions on the border of San Diego with Mexico, but the replacement of the humanitarian parole by a policy of recovery of non-criminal deportations is wrong” said officials FANM. And according to them, the Haitian government, which is not able to receive additional deportees could not refuse to accept criminal deportees.

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