Punta Catalina will be privatized before its completion, with many mysteries !

Please ask for help for my people. To the Directors of global environmental change to devise Natural Gas that there is a time to save my people Bani this wildness, Thanks
I have several years in this struggle and have been fighting against not for the plants if not for the Coal and serious pollution coming with acid rain, my people Bani is very small and 85% dependent on livestock, agriculture and fisheries etc. with the use of Coal, and my people will become part of memories and will be a dead or a ghost town, and the Republic with only that amount which will provide 35% of the energy will not be enough to offset the needs electrical and much less to have to break down to a town and its people who are struggling since the foundation of my Republic.
By Ramfis Báez, New York.

carabelaPhoto: No to Coal Plants For Bani!

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The plants are built in Punta Catalina province of Peravia

The Dominican government would be without energy resources to complete the project of Punta Catalina, located in the province Peravia, for which the state contracted with Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht with an original cost of 1.945 million; however, already it exhausted its borrowing capacity, so it is that at least two national powerful groups finance two coal plants, which will determine its privatization before its entry into operation.

According to a source DominicanosHoy in the coming days an agreement between the Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies (CDEEE), and business groups will be signed.

Among the economic emporiums that sound to finance the Punta Catalina project they are: the Vicini Group and the company Interenergy, through its president Rolando Gonzalez Bunste.

Information released by the authorities realize that the two plants involved in the project, will provide 35% of the energy that is going to sue the country; but this would not be ready by 2017 as predicted, but that their construction will take at least another year.

In an article published by journalist Juan Bolivar Diaz in Hoy newspaper, Sunday edition August 28, entitled “The Mysteries of Punta Catalina”, it is said that “this week’s Executive Vice President of the Dominican Corporation of State Electrical Companies (CDEEE) deciphered, at least partially, one of the mysteries that the energy project discussed Punta Catalina, Baní, the state contracted with Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht with an original cost of 1.945 million dollars is involved.

“Ruben Bichara reported that the installation of the twin plants has advanced 64 percent, despite the difficulties faced not having received 656 million contract dollars with the National Bank for Economic Development and” Social of Brazil , and a similar amount financed by a consortium of European banks, which have hardly received 200 million dollars.

“I have not understood how that construction proceeded apace, though now for completion in 2018, not in the original 2017 without the debt. Bichara cleared that mystery: with savings of government, from a clandestine tax, arising from a breach of the electricity law that establishes the electricity tariff in proportion to the cost of fuel, which has not been reduced in the corresponding proportion to the decline half the price of hydrocarbons in the last two years. Total, that here the laws are only suggestions and “to and to and na na e”.

“Catalina plants are surrounded by mysteries before being awarded. Could never know why coal-based, the worst raw material for power generation, by adversely affecting the environment, which has been banned in many countries and gradually dismantled in the world. Much less has been understood why they were not hired with companies that were offering half the agreed price. It is also a mystery the final cost of land, financing and operation, some complainants insist that rise up to 50 percent.

“But the biggest mystery is why we had the fate of the Mexicans over the past two years have hired two almost 6 times cheaper plants and two combined cycle natural gas turbines and one steam each. When the daily El Pais on September 24, 2015 announced that the Spanish company Iberdrola had won a tender to build and operate a plant for 400 million dollars in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to generate 850 megawatts, we had to appeal to other information sources to believe it.

“The mystery grew huge on 4 April, when it was reported that the same company again won tender for another similar plant and for the same price in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. Not only El Pais, the Spanish agency Efe also and Mexican newspapers. This by 37 megawatts, 887.

“The two mega Ibero-Mexican plants will total 1,737 megawatts, for 800 million dollars, ie 460 thousand 564 dollars per megawatt. The Punta Catalina generate 720 megawatts, and assuming the original cost of 1.945 million, $ 2 million will go to 701 per megawatt, ie 5.9 times more expensive.

“Maybe Bichara can also dispel this great mystery, and has not done so because they have not asked. So if someone close to him or the Government may ask clarification you should be grateful and publicize it.

“If they do not, they have to trust that someday we get another ray of light coming from Brazil as dissipating, even partially, the mysterious contract of Tucano aircraft, 21 times less than that of Catalina” concludes the letter

financial failure

The former Minister of Environment, Maximiliano Puig Miller, considered for some time that the construction of coal plants Punta Catalina will be the main economic failure of President Danilo Medina.

Puig understands that the Government should never embark on the construction of a power plant that would be the most expensive in the world by the type of technology used.

Therefore it proposes to change coal plants by plants using natural gas for generation.

“We are still on time. Of course, to undertake this rectification requires an honest government, committed solely with national interests, “said former Minister of Labour also.

Source: http: //movil.dominicanoshoy.com/articulos/archivos/2016/agosto/articulo/punta-catalina-sera-privatizada-antes-

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